Bird brains and behaviour: perception, cognition and production

Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 26 July, 2002

Sponsored by the Royal Dutch Zoological Society

Venue: Behavioural Biology Department, Utrecht University, Centrumgebouw Noord, Padualaan 14, De Uithof, Utrecht, room C104 (first floor).


9.30 coffee

9.55    Opening by the president of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society

Chair:  Johan Bolhuis

10.00 Auditory pattern analysis: birds as a model in the study of perceptual processes - Georg Klump (Oldenburg, Germany)

10.30 Developmental influences on perception - song preference learning in females - Katharina Riebel (Leiden, The Netherlands)

11.00 coffee

11.30  Physiological aspects of sexual imprinting - Hans-Joachim Bischof (Bielefeld, Germany)

12.00  Neural plasticity in the vocal control system of birds - Manfred Gahr (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

12.30 lunch

Chair: Hans-Joachim Bischof

14.00  Bird brains and songs - Johan Bolhuis (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

14.30  Innovation and social learning: individual variation and brain evolution - Simon Reader (Montreal, Canada)

15.00 tea

15.30 Mechanics of avian vocalisation - Johan L. van Leeuwen (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

16.00  Modulatory gestures in nonsongbird song - Gabriel Beckers (Leiden, The Netherlands)

16.30 drinks