Nederlandse Zo÷logieprijs 2010
2010 Dutch Zoology Prize

The winner of the 2010 Dutch Zoology Prize is Dr. Martine Maan.

The prize will be presented by Prof. Dr. L.W. Beukeboom (jury chair) at a symposium organised by the recepient and the KNDV.

On the selective forces that drive the origin, maintenance and evolutionary consequences of animal colour diversity

dendrobatidae in different coloursThe animal kingdom is full of colour. But why are wasps yellow and ladybird beetles red? And how is such variation related to population divergence and speciation? These questions are the focus of the research of Dr. Martine Maan. She investigates the evolution of diversity in animal colour signals, using Panamanian poison frogs and East-African cichlid fish as model systems. colour variations in Lake Victoria cichlids

In both fish and frogs, observations and experiments revealed that colour evolution is shaped by natural selection (by predators) as well as sexual selection (by choosy females).

[Illustrations: Colour variation in populations of the poison frog Oophaga pumilio in Panama (left) and in Lake Victoria cichlids (right).]

Martine Maan obtained her PhD degree at the University of Leiden, followed by a two-year postdoc at the University of Texas at Austin (USA). Currently, she is based at the University of Bern (Switzerland) and the EAWAG research institute (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology), where she investigates how variation in underwater visual environments influences colour evolution in cichlids.

Jury of the 2010 Dutch Zoology Prize:
Prof. Dr. Leo Beukeboom (chair, Universiteit Groningen)
Dr. Gerdien de Jong (Universiteit Utrecht)
Dr. Joris Koene (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Eric Roubos (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)
Prof. Dr. Frans Verstraten (Universiteit Utrecht)