Winnaars van de Nederlandse Zoölogieprijs
Recipients of the Dutch Zoology Prize

    In 2017 the prize was not awarded.

    2015: Wouter Halfwerk Understanding selective forces operating on multimodal communication in tungara frogs.

    2014: Rudy Jonker Trans-generational responses to a changing world.

    2012: Gretha Boersma, Animal personalities and coping style: their roles in health and disease

    In 2011 the prize was not awarded.

    2010: Martine Maan, On the selective forces that drive the origin, maintenance and evolutionary consequences of animal colour diversity

    2009: David Lentink, Mechanisms and evolution of animal locomotion

    2007: Jan van Gils, In the footsteps of Jan Verwey: How flexible phenotypes reflect ambient ecological conditions

    2006: Mark O. Huising, Communication in the endocrine and immune systems: Physiology and phylogeny

    2004: Irene Tieleman, Coping with challenges in different environments - Larks along an aridity gradient, and beyond

    2003: Sander Kranenbarg, Does oxygen constrain size and shape of the teleost embryo?

    2002: Jacintha Ellers, Fat or eggs? The evolution of resource allocation in heterogeneous environments

    2001: Johan Bolhuis, Neural mechanisms of song learning in zebra finches

    2000: Jan Komdeur, Partner choice and sex ratio adjustment as exponents of sexual selection

    In 1999 the prize was not awarded.

    1998: Ole Seehausen, Sexually selected species diversity as a function of communication channel width

    1997: Bruno Ens, Career planning in oystercatchers

    1996: Eddy A. van der Zee, Muscarinic cholinoceptive systems: distribution of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors and behaviourally induced plasticity in the brain

    1995: Kees J. Nagelkerke, Evolution of sex allocation strategies in pseudo-arrhenotoke predatory mites

    1994: Theunis Piersma, Energetic bottle-necks and the evolution of migratory routes of sandpipers

    1993: Arie P. Otte, Molecular mechanisms of neural induction and competence

    1992: Marcel Dicke, Predator-prey interactions in a tritrophic context

    1991: Herbert H.T. Prins, Ecology and behaviour of the African buffalo