Dutch Zoology Prize

Annually the Royal Dutch Zoological Society awards the Dutch Zoology Prize to an author of one or more related scientific publication(s) in a zoological discipline.

The prize is awarded for an outstanding study in the field of integrative zoology, i.e. zoological research in which observations on the molecular, cellular, organismal, population or community level are integrated to a considerable extent. This implies that scientific research performed on all these levels is eligible for the Dutch Zoology Prize. The quality of synthesis of empirical research or the development of theories on different levels is an important criterion.

Authors of publications based on research performed primarily in or from the Netherlands can enter the competition. Publications have to be published in the four years preceding the year in which the prize is awarded. For this year's prize work will have to be published in the years 2015 to 2018.

There is no age limit, but the society considers the prize an encouragement for young investigators rather than a lifetime achievement award. Those who are not a member of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society can submit their work for the competition.

The prize consists of a diploma and a prize money of Ç 1000. The recipient is also offered the possibility to edit a special issue of Animal Biology.

Those who wish to enter the competition have to enter their work before 1 December 2018. A prize entry consists of:

  • A curriculum vitae;
  • A short description of the research, explaining the coherence of the submitted work as well as a
  • future perspective for the pertinent zoological discipline (two pages maximum);
  • A citation analysis (for instance via Altmetrics or Publish or Perish);
  • The selected scientific publication. Size: five publications maximum, or a thesis.

Please compile your entry as a single zip- or pdf-file and send it to the KNDV's secretariat (e-mail: kndv.office@gmail.com.)