Nederlandse Zoölogieprijs
Dutch Zoology Prize

Every year the Royal Dutch Zoological Society (KNDV) awards the Dutch Zoology Prize to an author of one or a series of scientific publications in the field of zoology.

The prize (a diploma and a prize money of € 1000) is awarded to the best research in the field of integrative zoology. This is defined as zoological research in which results from molecular, cellular, organismal, and population levels are integrated as much as possible. This means that research on all of these levels of zoology is eligible for this award, provided that the combination of the empirical or theoretical research of the different levels is of the highest quality.

Authors, of any nationality, whose research was primarily conducted or based in The Netherlands are eligible. There is no age limit; however, the prize should be seen as an encouragement, rather than a life time achievement award. Non-members of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society (KNDV) can also compete.

Submit your work for the competition.

The deadline for submission for the Dutch Zoology Prize will close on 31 May 2020.

The Dutch Zoology Prize has an impressive history of previous recipients.